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      What Happens To The Waste Inside My Skip?

      Skip hire is one of the best ways to dispose of all your waste, but what happens to the rubbish inside your container once it’s been collected? Discover everything you need to know in this post!

      No matter if you’re clearing out your cupboards, renovating your old kitchen, or getting your garden summer-ready, hiring a skip is one of the most effective ways to get rid of your rubbish.

      But have you ever wondered what happens to the waste you put inside your skip once it’s been collected?

      Many people believe it goes straight to the local landfill, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, and skip hire companies these days have a legal responsibility to recycle the majority of the waste they collect in their containers.

      So, what actually happens to your rubbish, then?

      Our experts here at GSH Waste Recycling reveal all in this article!


      So, what happens to the waste inside my skip?

      Once you’ve filled your skip and our team has taken it off your hands, the rubbish will be transported to our state-of-the-art waste transfer station, where it will go through a number of different processes, including:

      • Sorting

      Skips carry a selection of different materials.

      So, when your container has arrived at our facility and we’ve determined exactly how much waste we’re dealing with, we’ll empty the contents of your skip and begin sorting everything into recyclable categories.

      Larger, bulkier items will be removed at this stage too.

      • Treatment and processing

      Once all your waste has been organised into categories, we’ll begin the treatment process.

      This process differs depending on the material we’re working with – for instance, scrap metal will be stripped down into different subcategories, while building rubble will be crushed, and soil will be screened.

      No matter the contents,   the end goal is to prepare your rubbish to be either recycled in-house or sent to a specialist company to be repurposed.

      • Disposal

      All processed waste can be recycled at this stage.

      As we’ve mentioned, certain items – like fabrics, scrap metal, topsoil, and aggregates – can be transported to specialist companies, where they can be reused and reprocessed.

      At GSH, we’re committed to protecting our planet and preserving it for future generations, which is why we aim to recycle at least 95% of the waste collected in our containers.

      Whether this means doing it ourselves in-house or sending certain items – like fabrics, topsoil, scrap metal and aggregates – to specialist companies to be reused, you can rest assured that your waste is being disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


      Large Scale Waste Removal - GSH Skip Hire
      Large Scale Waste Removal – GSH Skip Hire

      Why is it so important to recycle skip hire waste?

      With a heavy focus on recycling and other eco-friendly practices, it’s important, now more than ever, to take responsibility for the ethical disposal of your waste.

      When materials are left to decompose in a landfill site, they contribute massively to ground pollution and release tons of harmful emissions.

      By ethically disposing of our waste, we can safeguard not just our local environment, but our shared global environment too.


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      Looking for a skip hire company in the North West?

      Here at GSH, we provide commercial and domestic skip hire in Liverpool, St. Helens, Warrington, and the wider North West, and would be more than happy to help with any of your waste management requirements.

      To find out more about working with us, or to book one of our skips, get in touch with our team today by calling 0151 424 4079 or emailing sales@gshwaste.co.uk and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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