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      Guide To Skip Hire For Your Garden Waste

      Everything you need to know about hiring a skip for your garden waste.

      With warmer weather fast approaching, garden parties and family barbecues are right around the corner.

      This means making sure your garden is in tip-top condition, to stun your guests and leave a lasting impression all summer long.

      Whether your garden needs a little tidy up or a large, full-scale makeover, you’ll likely generate a lot of waste, and you need to be sure you’re getting rid of it in the most efficient way possible.

      In this post, GSH explores everything you need to know about hiring a skip for your garden waste and how it can help with your next project.


      What materials are considered garden waste?

      Garden waste is a vague term, but typically it’s considered as:

      • Wood, metal and concrete

      If your patio or decking has seen better days or your derelict garden shed does nothing these days but take up space, then skip hire is the perfect option to get rid of all these materials.

      Where possible, we aim to recycle at least 98% of the waste we generate, so you can have the peace of mind that your rubbish won’t end up in your local landfill site.

      • Soil and green waste

      When it comes to garden waste, soil, leaves, grass and plants are what most people think of, and these can all be disposed of in one of our skips.

      If you’re unsure whether a specific material can go in one of our skips, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists – we’re more than happy to answer any questions.


      What can’t I dispose of in a skip?

      While you can get rid of most types of garden waste, there are a couple of items you won’t be able to dispose of in one of our containers. These include liquids, such as paints, and solvents of any kind.

      If you have any of these materials and you’re unsure of how to dispose of them safely, give our experts a call on 0151 424 4079, or click here for more information on what can and can’t go in your domestic skip.


      Which skip size is right for me?

      The answer to this question is simple – the bigger your project, the bigger the skip you’ll need.

      Here at GSH, we have four different types of domestic skips available, including:

      • 4-cubic yard midi skips – equivalent to approximately 40 bin bags of waste, ideal for smaller garden projects.
      • 8-cubic yard maxi skips – equivalent to approximately 80 bin bags of waste, ideal for small-medium sized jobs.
      • 12-cubic yard maxi skips – equivalent to approximately 120 bin bags of waste, the go-to choice for projects that generate bulky items and construction materials.
      • 16-cubic yard maxi skips – these containers can hold twice as much waste as the 8-yard skips and are the perfect choice for large-scale garden clear ups.


      Choose GSH for all your waste disposal needs

      Here at GSH Wate Recycling Ltd, we offer a comprehensive waste disposal service that’s guaranteed to meet your every requirement.

      With over 40 years of experience, our staff are well placed in the industry, and you can be confident that we will provide you with a reliable, cost-effective skip hire solution in the North West.

      For expert help and advice or to request a booking, fill in our online contact form today and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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